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Why Not use a PVA to repair my Loose or Hollow Tiled floors?

Why Not use a PVA to repair my Loose or Hollow Tiled floors?

Looking for ways to repair your Loose tiles or creaky wooden flooring can leave you with very few choices.

You can look at the extremely expensive and messy route of removing and replacing the entire floor which, whilst its a solution will leave your finances severely drained!

Ideally you need something to repair the floor in-situ which means finding an Adhesive which will flow freely underneath the floor and cover entire voids but then will provide a strong bond between the Tile and substrate.

PVA or wood glue as its also known has an extremely low cohesive strength once it cures which could result in tiles not bonding or de-bonding within a short period of time. PVA also dries hard and brittle so would not be recommended to repair loose tiles or flooring.

Fix-A-Floor Extra strength Bonding Adhesive has been specially formulated to repair loose and hollow flooring without the need to remove or replace. Not only will it provide a strong lifetime bond between the floor and substrate, it also cures with Elastomeric properties meaning it will cope with any fluctuations in temperature without de-bonding. Whats more, Fix-A-Floor has been sold worldwide for over a decade so is a proven, reliable way to repair problematic flooring.