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Over a decade of Happy customers Worldwide! Fix-A-Floor is the worldwide best selling Floor repair adhesive

Proud Members of The Tile Association. - Used by Trade professionals across the UK

Fast, Easy & Affordable Over a decade of repairing loose & Hollow tiles worldwide! - Just Drill & Fill!

Fix-A-Floor is a simple do-it-yourself bonding adhesive that is fast, easy and affordable, not to mention fun and quite rewarding...

Learn more about our journey below!

It all began In Florida where Ken & Tracy were renovating homes and continually uncovering loose & hollow flooring in their projects.

This led them to the shelves of the DIY stores to which there was no product that could help. The only option was to ‘replace the floor’ was the general response from staff which unfortunately, is extremely expensive not to mention messy and time consuming!


After speaking with large DIY stores and local floor fitters, it was clear the issue was extremely common.

When asked if they had many customers approach them with this issue, they were surprised to learn the answer was a resounding, “Yes, all the time!!!” they decided to create the solution to the problem & Fix-A-Floor was born…


After 3 years of formulation, re-formulation, with extensive testing they had found the perfect proprietary blend!

Fix-A-Floor worldwide was incorporated, trademarked & registered, the website was launched & worldwide sales soon followed.



After similar beginnings to the US in 2008, Adrian & Robert came across loose flooring in their homes in the UK. After visits to B&Q, Homebase, and Wickes – the message was daunting “buy a new floor” which is an expensive outlay for what seemed a simple problem to fix.

After a bit of research, they came across Fix-A-Floor and decided to import some boxes to test. The results were fantastic! A relationship was then formed with the US and Fix-A-Floor UK was established!



Fix-A-Floor was soft launched in the UK, proving a hit with happy customers and excellent feedback.


One of our distributors approached by Amazon as the feedback received on their platform was very good. Even Amazon wanted to be a part of our story – how cool is that.


Fix-A-Floor won the Flooring Innovation Gold award at the National Flooring Show in Harrogate, UK. Also, in the same year Fix-A-Floor was a finalist for DIY Product of the year taking the trade and flooring industry by storm!


Fix-A-Floor becomes a member of The Tile Association

Today Fix-A-Floor is sold in over 30 Countries Worldwide and expanding even further as word gets around!


Fix-A-Floor scoops the Best product Innovation award at the annual Tile Association 2023 awards after impressing the judges selected from a wide range of sectors within the Tiling industry. A fiercely competitive category saw Fix-A-Floor as overall winner against 7 other innovative products.

Quite aptly, the theme to the awards was “Shaping the Future” something that Fix-A-Floor has always been a huge part of, which was recognised by the Tiling industry.

Topps Tiles CEO Rob Parker Presents Fix-A-Floor with the Best Innovation 2023 Award