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Over a decade of Happy customers Worldwide! Fix-A-Floor is the worldwide best selling Floor repair adhesive

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Fast, Easy & Affordable Over a decade of repairing loose & Hollow tiles worldwide! - Just Drill & Fill!

Fix-A-Floor developed back in 2008. It all began in Florida when the founders were renovating homes and continually coming across Loose & Hollow flooring whilst completing their projects.

Unable to find any kind of floor repair product on the shelves in any DIY stores that would help fix loose & hollow flooring without removing the whole floor they were constantly advised that the only solution was to rip up the entire floor & replace everything! This would be both expensive and time-consuming, so they set out to research and develop a way to repair the floor without having to replace anything.

After many years of testing and research "Fix-A-Floor" was launched and a patent registered for the unique customisable tip which could reach holes as small as 2-3mm wide. Its specially developed formula cures with Elastomeric properties making it ideal for use with underfloor heated areas and especially on wooden flooring where flooring can expand and contract throughout the year

Today, Fix-A-Floor is sold worldwide in over 30 countries Worldwide and has become the Number one best selling product to repair loose & hollow flooring.

Fix-A-Floor continues to develop new and innovative products and continues to grow Worldwide! The original YouTube video has over 2 Million Views and we have Millions of happy customers Worldwide who have repaired their floors saving thousands of pounds in the process!

We are always here to Help and never use overseas call centres. please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions big or small!


Fixing Creaky Floors

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