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Repairing loose or hollow bathroom tiles using Fix-A-Floor

How To Guide

1. Tap

Locate loose or hollow problem areas by tapping with wooden dowel or broom handle, listening for the hollow problem areas. Mark entire perimeter of problem areas with chalk, tape or similar.

2. Drill

Use a masonry Drill bit normally 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" whichever is LARGER that barely fits between the tiles without touching the tiles (larger holes make filling with the adhesive easier). Drill 1-2 holes on each side of the tile depending on tile size. Drill STRAIGHT down into the grout lines inside the problem areas (do not contact tiles with drill bit). Once the drill bit clears the grout you will feel it release meaning you have reached the void. This is far enough; do not drill into the sub floor!

3. Vac

Vacuum over each hole to remove all loose dust and debris, preferably with a shop vac hose or hand extension end from a house vacuum to get maximum suction over each hole. Tapping lightly with a rubber mallet helps to loosen debris for better results.

4. Fill

Insert the Fix-A-Floor tube tip into the drilled hole measuring for a snug fit. CUT the tip to fit snug into drilled hole ensuring the tip does NOT rest on the sub-floor promoting good flow! Unscrew the tip and pierce a hole (with an awl) on the top of the threaded tube cap and replace tip.

Using a quality caulking gun slowly squeeze Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive to fill each hole keeping tip pressed firmly into each hole. Be careful of spillage while moving from one hole to the next, place finger over tip. If one hole proves problematic simply move on to another nearby hole. Once the adhesive spills up and out of nearby holes this ensures penetration and filling of the problem area. Keep filling and empty tube to ensure complete coverage.

5. Weight

Place a 1/2 way filled 5 gallon bucket(s) of water or similar on subject areas. Be sure to clean up any excess Fix-A-Floor with sponge and water as necessary. Allow to cure for minimum of 24 hours.

6. Grout

Grout drilled holes by simply mixing a colour matching grout into a medium consistency and fill/press into holes (usually with a finger). After 15-20 minutes use a damp cloth or sponge to smooth and blend onto existing grout. Allow to dry and wipe clean with a dry cloth and your floor is as good as new!

Fix a Floor

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