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Why Adhesive Tube Repairs are Essential for Homeowners

Why Adhesive Tube Repairs are Essential for Homeowners

Repairing broken items around the home shouldn’t be a difficult endeavour, even for the most novice of DIYers. Household maintenance should be carried out by homeowners with efficiency so as to not increase the risk of the problem becoming worse. DIY home repairs for loose, hollow or squeaky floor tiles can be fixed with cost-effective solutions, and the best solution for these problems is Fix-A-Floor Extra Strength Bonding adhesive.

This user-friendly adhesive has a multitude of benefits for homeowners when it comes to repairing loose or hollow flooring, and in this blog, we’re going to go over these benefits and explore what exactly makes this amazing adhesive so versatile, and whilst doing so helping to save you time, money and stress.  

Understanding adhesive tube repairs 

Adhesive tube repairs involve using a bonding adhesive that has been specially designed to fill, then set underneath loose, hollow and squeaky flooring. They provide a permanent solution to these types of home repairs, helping you to save money on hiring contractors to replace your damaged floor.

Fix-A-Floor adhesive is the ideal product for any homeowner, DIY enthusiasts and individuals interested in household maintenance.  

Versatility of adhesive tube repairs 

This adhesive is one of the most versatile adhesives on the market, with the ability to be used on a wide range of different flooring materials. Adhesive tube repairs can be performed on porcelain, wood, marble, stone and ceramic flooring materials. Additionally, we have had many customers use on loose lower wall tiles even though not specifically designed for this problem!

Fix-A-Floor has been used for long-lasting repairs on wall tiles too – however, it’s important to be extra careful with the excess leakage from the drilled grout holes, with the adhesive flowing downwards. Fortunately, the adhesive is ever so easy to wipe away and clean up. 

Cost-effective home repairs with adhesive tubes 

It can be so disheartening to walk over your flooring and feel a sinking or dipping feeling, or maybe you’re getting in your home after hours and always struggle to make less noise because of your squeaky floorboards, waking up the entire house. These types of issues most people don’t realise can be easily solved without splitting open your wallet.

With adhesive repairs, you won’t have to rip your flooring up, pay for replacements or spend lots of money on hiring a tradesman or contractor to remove or replace the flooring.  

User-friendly DIY repairs 

Everyone wants an easy time when conducting household maintenance without getting into a blind, furious range at the incompetence of repair solutions. Adhesive tube repairs are the complete opposite with the user experience in mind. The adhesive can even be used as part of a tile repair kit, giving you everything you could ever need to repair your hollow floor tiles.  

The durability and longevity of adhesive tube fixes 

Benefit from long-lasting repairs with floor and wall tile adhesives as the Fix-A-Floor adhesive is designed to last for years and the overall lifetime of your floor. Its formulated qualities make it incredibly durable too, and once set can withstand the pressures of furniture, foot traffic and weighted objects that are placed on your flooring.  

Eco-friendly benefits of adhesive tube repairs 

As adhesive tube repairs are quicker and longer lasting than traditional repairs, which may include replacing the flooring or wall tiles, they have a beneficial impact on the environment. Repairing flooring with adhesive prolongs its lifespan and minimises the need for producing a new product, leading to lower consumption of raw materials.

Also, without anything needing to be thrown away, using an adhesive reduces the amount of landfill waste.  

Practical tips and best practices 

When performing DIY home repairs with an adhesive there are several best practices and tips to do, ensuring the best possible outcome. As well as the adhesive, we recommend utilising a 10:1 thrust ratio caulk gun to efficiently apply the adhesive, a vacuum for clearing debris from the drilled holes, in addition to the right-sized drill bits as some grout lines may be thinner than others.

For the best tips, tricks and guidance on how to use an adhesive, check out our guide on how to fix squeaky wood floors.  

Safety considerations when using adhesive tubes 

While the Fix-A-Floor adhesive is incredibly safe to use, as it is a non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly water based adhesive, there are some safety considerations after applying it that are important to know. There will be some excess adhesive that spills out from the grout holes when a sufficient amount has been applied using the caulk gun, and to avoid any slip hazards, you should wipe away the adhesive when this occurs.

Also, during the 24-hour curing period, it’s imperative to put a weight on the area being repaired this helps bond the tile/flooring to the substrate during the curing process – This can simply be filled buckets of water or other weighted objects – therefore, it’s important to be aware of any trip hazards. 

Unlocking the benefits of adhesive tube repairs 

Unlock all these benefits and more with Fix-A-Floor extra-strong adhesive, saving you the worry of extensive repairs, time and money. We are the UK’s number one choice for flooring repair adhesives, and we have been on the market for over a decade and have won numerous awards, including the Best Innovation Award 2023 by the UK trade body, The Tile Association, marking us as a market-leading supplier. You can get in touch with us with any questions on our wonderful, cost-effective adhesive, or explore our range of products here.